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EVRST Music  is a turn-key music production company. Which means that we (can) work through out the whole process, from conceptualisation to finished product.

Our areas of work include:

  • songwriting

  • scoring

  • production

  • editing

  • vocal recording

  • orchestration

  • mixing

  • mastering

  • publication

  • post-production

  • licensing

  • on-site implementation

  • technical advise


Music production

Music creates atmosphere, no matter the application. It binds all elements of a production together.

Our team of creative people holds over two decades of experience within the field of music production. We create music for various industries like theme parks, movies, theatre and many more!

Following the latest industry standards in creating music, our powerful real-time systems are optimized to smoothly run large projects and multi-speaker audio configurations. 

Sound design

Sound design is a broad concept and plays a major role in the world of theme parks, games and virtual reality.

An example of sound design is atmospheric sounds that are played in or around a theme park attraction which makes the visitor really submerge in another world.

Audio Engineering

Audio Engineering is a wide topic, ranging from audio editing to mastering. Professional audio editing is the process of cleaning, splicing, adding, consolidating and deleting parts of a recorded sound file.

Before audio can be published or used, it is common practice and strongly recommended, to have it mixed and mastered.

At EVRST Music we have the knowledge and the equipment to edit, mix and master different formats of media carriers and digital technologies.

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