Music Production

Music is directly responsible for the atmosphere, no matter the application. It's the glue in a visual- or physical production that binds all elements together. At EVRST Music we write and produce custom music, from concept to master. Our goal is to create a unique experience for every project and to take your project to the next level. Custom music will bring any idea to life. By incorporating existing ideas and thematics into the music, an alchemy between image and sound arises that immediately engages the user.

Your project

Whether you have an existing project that needs music, or looking for a music production company to cooperate in a very early stage of your new production, we are up to the job. Our approach towards each project is always personal. We truly believe that music produced with feeling will catch the listener’s heart. We tend to look at the available budget and the possibilities within each project. In the end, the final product is all that matters to us.

Audio Technology

Producing multi-track music is one of our specialties. In this format, the various elements of a piece of music are spread over multiple physical speaker locations to achieve a very wide and/or regional sound effect. For this purpose, we have also developed custom software to be able to simulate this format in virtual reality. We have an excellent knowledge of audio systems and -technology which can also be applied on-site.

Sound design

Sound design is a broad concept and plays a major role in the world of theme parks, games and virtual reality. An example of sound design is atmospheric sounds that are played in or around a theme park attraction which makes the visitor really submerge in another world.


In our highly technological advanced production studio (50+ hardware synthesizers and state-of-the-art software) there are no limits to sound creation. We apply combinations of traditional synthesis, modern sound sculpting and accoustic recording techniques, and bring any desired atmosphere to life.

Audio Engineering

Before audio can be published or used, it is common practice and strongly recommended, to have it mixed and mastered. At EVRST Music we have the knowledge and the equipment to mix and master for different formats of media carriers and digital technologies. A good mixed and mastered production will ensure an optimal translation to various audio playback systems. Furthermore, we provide vinyl & cd replication, as well as red book production. In short, we will optimize your music so that it delivers an optimal experience.. anyplace, anywhere & everytime!

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