Regardless of the style, length or mood, the production of music is always going through the same process. Conceptualizing, composing and producing. Every step offers endless possibilities of individualisation and creativity. Although there is a natural sequence of steps, the path does not always have to be that straight. Sometimes it can be helpful to take a step back in order to achieve the best result with creativity and experience. Flexibility is of great importance in the whole process, this is one of the key qualities of EVRST Music.


Regardless the size of a project, conception is the basis, the important first step for all projects. It's the language of music storytelling, it defines the message and mood. Conceptualization helps define the stylistic, creative, and functional goals of the music before the actual composing begins.

EVRST Music produces for you a final coherent picture which captures the message and mood of your project in a multi-facetted and unique way and enriches it by a sound layer.


The art of composing describes the finding of the melody. It starts bringing the concept alive. It is the collection of notes, melodies, phrases, rhythms, lyrics, and/or harmonies that make up the essence of the work. The combination of these notes and harmonies, played by varying instruments is tuned to a fine sounding tone by the composer. The mood and in large parts also the style and type, are defined in this step. Here the notes meet, which characterises your musical work.

EVRST Music composes melodies, which have a significant autonomy. Good music contains a message. You have the chance to define its content and to reach your listeners on a certain level.


This step is mainly technically orientated. The complete musical work develops from the composition. At this stage it should be decided if a real or virtual orchestra shall be used. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but in terms of sound however they are similarly impressive through most modern recording options. Often it is a balanced choice between real and virtual instruments, which offer the most dynamism and authenticity.

Finally the musical work has to be mixed and mastered, to offer a crystal clear and balanced sound and continuous quality on all playback systems.

EVRST Music possesses multiple capabilities to use both virtual and real instruments for productions of all kinds and in doing so make a suitable offer for every budget. Our professional mixing- and mastering techniques always guarantee a perfect sound for all application areas.

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