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Trailer Music


Since 2008 EVRST Music produces music and sound for various media and industries. EVRST Music is proud to be the world’s leading audio supplier for theme parks. But our music is an integral part of a variety of different projects. Thanks to our versatility and flexible workflow, we are able to fullfill every acoustic assignment.

The team of EVRST Music is connected by creativity, professionalism, friendship and years of experience in working with partners and clients from all around the world. By bringing all of that in combination with its high-quality equipment, it’s always the team’s goal to achieve the perfect result for your project.


EVRST Music offers multiple times awarded audio services and stands by your side, when your project needs music, sounds, voices or a perfect mix of all of them.


  • Composition
  • Production
  • Songwriting
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Sound Design

  • Conception
  • Production
  • Recording
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Audio Services

  • TV- & Cinema Mixing
  • Voice Recordings
  • CD-Pressing
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After all those years we look back on some fantastic projects we’re proud to be a part of. Let yours become the next big thing.