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"Our creative team members have profound experience in the field of music creation. Whether you are looking for traditional score- or futuristic electronic music, creating that everlasting piece of music that engages your listeners is our mission."

Our services

Composing & production

We write, produce & compose music for clients all around the globe. From traditional score music to futuristic electronic music. Our company has produced over 100 records in the last 10 year.

Sound design

In our studio you find more then 80 classic synthesizers and the most high-tech software. The sonic possibilities of our studio is endless. Sound design can add that extra flavour of emotion or atmosphere to your project.

Audio engineering

Top-notch audio editing, mixing & mastering services for various forms of media. For stereo-, surround-, game engine- & multi sound source systems. Working with nominated mastering engineer.

Theme Park Music

While we produce music for all sectors, EVRST Music is passionate in creating music for Amusement Parks and related sectors. Whether you are looking for atmospheric sounds to premiumize an area or thematic music for your new ride, we can write and produce complete music sets to accomplish your project. From sketch idea to master recording! With already profound experience in the field of electronic music production, EVRST Music is on a mission to become a leading partner in Theme Park music production.

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For example. Enjoy one of the latest episodes of Theme Park Science about the world's most beautiful theme park the Efteling, and listen to the magic of our music.

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