Bastiaan de Waard
Composer | Founder

My name is Bastiaan de Waard. I am a music composer and producer in the field of games, movies, theme parks, commercials and television. I am the founder of EVRST Music, a young and fresh company. We are based in the Netherlands, a country known for it's great music industry. I started the company in 2019, before that, I was already many years active as (ghost)producer and audio- & mastering engineer. While being a fresh company, we do have over two decades of experience in the music production industry.

„I have been fascinated by music and technology for as long as I can remember."


At EVRST Music it's never about business, but always about personal music that engages the listener completely. We create complete custom music productions, from concept to master recording. Our areas of work include conceptualization, songwriting, production, mixing, mastering, publication & licensing. Our goal is to create unique user experiences for every project. We enjoy taking your project to the next level. We write music for different applications such as theme parks, films, advertisement, podcasts and virtual reality. From adventurous scoring to modern electronic music.


Our studio is one of the, if not the, most advanced production studios in the Netherlands. It is entirely custom built and modified in all posibile ways to deliver the best possible audio quality. Supplemented with in-house developed custom software to enhance and speed-up our workflow.

It also houses a collection of over 50 legendary hardware synthesizers. Many producers consider our studio as sound-design heaven. It is our mission to expose new music, beyond the boundaries where no one has gone before.


Over the years, we've created many productions for various media and industries, from EDM tracks to neoclassical adventurous scores. We have a big catalog of musical ideas that we use to conceptualize new projects quickly. Together with our high-quality equipment, it’s always our goal to achieve your individual wishes and deliver a perfect result.

Feel free to listen to some of our productions, and you will hear the passion we put in them. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you want us to work on your next project.

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